With a focus on direct mail and digital advertising, Gumbinner & Davies is one of the top firms in the country for Democratic campaigns and progressive institutions.
When you work with us, we are all in. We work with campaigns on every aspect – message development, strategic planning, press, field, targeting, and everything else it takes to win.
Our strength is our ability to individualize every single campaign – and each piece of communication within each campaign – with eye-catching creative that helps our clients’ messages stand out from the usual political communication.
 We've worked in 45 states and the District of Columbia on campaigns at every level – from presidential to school board – and with some of the biggest progressive institutions in the country, including AFSCME, NEA, SEIU, LIUNA, and NARAL. 
Recent Happenings at G&D
Applying new lessons ... and winning in 2017.
Since the election of Donald Trump, Gumbinner & Davies has gotten to work winning critical elections for Democrats.
In February, we were thrilled to be part of the First State Strong team that helped win a special election for control of the Delaware State Senate.
In this race, we worked hard to expand turnout among our base, leveraging the energy and activism of the progressive grassroots. In the end, Republicans turned out in numbers typical of a special election, while a couple thousand additional Democrats came out to vote a massive difference in an electorate of around 12,000. 
Coupled with effective messaging to swing voters, our efforts to energize the base helped swing an even district to a 58-41% victory on Election Day.
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